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Physical activity: Good for me! Good for everyone!

Physical activity: Good for me! Good for everyone!

In view of the current health crisis marked by profound changes in the social dynamics, with particular attention to sensitive issues such as respect for diversity, equality, and solidarity, Challenge Day reaches its 27th edition with the responsibility of contributing to the process of human development for the good living of everyone.   

Based, above all, on the humanitarian principle of the Common Good, Challenge Day in 2021 proposes the concept “Physical activity: Good for me! Good for everyone!”, highlighting the importance of regular physical activity, primarily, as an essential lifestyle for health and harmony in social life. The campaign will be carried out on May 26, under the worldwide coordination of TAFISA – The Association For International Sport for All. In the American Continent, Sesc SP coordinates the event with the institutional support of ISCA – International Sport and Culture Association – and UNESCO. 

In 2020, in a context of the pandemic, the event counted with 12 participating countries in the American Continent, with an emphasis on actions in the digital environment, resulting in thousands of interactions through social networks and consolidating the physical and sports manifestations as an important platform for dialogue and community action among territories. 

Thus, considering the good practices highlighted in this format, we emphasize that there won’t be the traditional friendly competition between cities in 2021not being necessary to formalize the registration in the official Challenge Day system. 

In this way, we invite the network of partners to join efforts to promote online actions, and/or in person, when possible, and encouraging the public to register their participation on the campaign’s official website and social networks. 

Finally, we would like to invite you to join another edition of Challenge Day to be held on May 26, 2021, to disseminate and put into practice the purposes of the campaign.