Be Active!
event day: May, 27


Taking part is very simple.

  • Check the program of your city and select the activity you like most.
  • When you finish your practice, register your participation. It will be another number to add to the total of the city.
  • All cities have a spot to collect results. Learn how to inform your participation.

Take part of #ChallengeDay and start the practice now!

We invite all cities of American Continent to join #ChallengeDay.

City halls organize and develop the activities and events within cities, in partnership with public and private organizations such as companies, schools, parks, hospitals, etc.

The Executive Secretariat of Challenge Day for the American Continent is in charge of the general coordination of actions in all countries.


  1. The mayor approves the inclusion of the city in Challenge Day
  2. The registrations form are filled and sent to the Executive Secretariat
  3. Citizens take part of activities.
  4. The numbers of participation are reported to the local coordination.